Fully Sponsored Keepers

Defiance is proud to sponsor goalkeepers, clubs and academies at every level of the game.  

Our gloves are worn with distinction by keepers all over the UK.  If you would like us to sponsor you or your club, get in touch we are always happy to talk.

Our current fully Sponsored Keepers are:

Abi Wallace ( Hull City Women )

Anthony Pinthus ( Philippines )

Cian Graham ( Bolton )

Daniele Filippe ( Gute )

Demi Lambourne ( Crystal Palace women )

Holly Mears ( Leicester City women’s )


Kira Markwell ( Stamford women’s )

M. Raymondo Yanis ( ABZ FA Indonesia )

Roberto Raffi

Serena Clarke ( Barnsley Women )

Sophie Harris ( Arsenal Oaklands )

Tom Howarth ( Torquay United)